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Forship has been exclusively handling travel Arrangement for almost a decade. With Forship, you will have a very safe and sound travel to Ethiopia from within. The landscape of this wonderful country is no less varied with Lakes Rivers, Rocky Mountains, grasslands, and lowlands.

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we are a solution to the search and booking problems many tourist and business travelers to Ethiopia have been facing for years. By availing the online hotel search, comparison and booking process, we hope to make traveling to Ethiopia more convenient.
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With us, you can reach any point of the
world map. Choose your country and
we will discuss all needed details
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Even if you have low budget, you can let yourself to go to the other side of the world and live their in the most comfy surrounding.
Most popular experiences
When you travel to the south omo tribes of Ethiopia. You will fall in love with hamer people! Their tradition and customs is unique from the rest of the tribes. If you are lucky you will see the bull jumping traditions.
The Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis), also known as the Abyssinian wolf, Abyssinian fox, red jackal, Simien fox, or Simien jackal is a canid native to Africa. The Ethiopian wolf is found at altitudes above 3,000 meters (9,800 ft) in the Afro-alpine regions of Ethiopia, and is the top predator of the ecosystem
Dallol, in the Danakil Depression, is a boiling, salt-formed world completely hostile to human visitors. The Danakil Depression, also known as the Afar Depression, holds the distinction of being one of the lowest and hottest parts of the world
The reign of Fasiledas (1632-1667) was notable for his decision in 1636 to establish his permanent residence at Gondar, a place which his father, Susneyos, had already used for a time as the seat of Government. The establishment of a fixed capital was a significant departure from tradition, for it had become customary for the Emperor’s headquarters to move from place to place every few years.
Lalibela ( ላሊበላ) is a town in Amhara Region, northern Ethiopia famous for monolithic rock-cut churches. The whole of Lalibela offers an exceptional testimony to the medieval and post-medieval civilization of Ethiopia.Lalibela is one of Ethiopia's holiest cities
Erta Ale is 613 meters (2,011 ft) high, with one or sometimes two active lava lakes at the summit which occasionally overflow on the south side of the volcano.It is notable for holding the longest-existing lava lake, present since the early years of the twentieth century (1906). Volcanoes with lava lakes are very rare: there are only six in the world.
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